Save the date of Sunday, June 10, for the Parish Picnic! #2 Pavilion at Lancaster County Park!

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St. Anne Church is a stewardship parish recognizing that all we have is given to us by God to be used for His greater purpose, glory and honor. Feel free to contact us. We would enjoy hearing from you.

Fr. Tri M. Luong, Pastor



  St. Anne Parish
Mission Statement


"Through the Word of God, the Eucharist, and the parishioners, St. Anne Parish seeks to be a beacon of light for the earthly journey providing nourishment for the mind, body, and soul."




                        Fr. Tri M. Luong, Pastor

3rd Annual Parish Picnic--Save the Date!
All parishioners and people of the Vietnamese Community are invited to attend the St. Anne 3rd Annual Parish Picnic on Sunday, June 10. Once again this year, the location is Pavilion #2 at the Lancaster County Park. We will begin at 11:00 a.m. with the celebration of Mass in the pavilion. Please be aware that the 10:30 Mass WILL NOT be celebrated at church that morning--only 8:00 a.m. and the 1:00 p.m. Vietnamese Mass. For menu items, RSVP deadline and other details,click here

Become a Living Stone
We, the parishioners of St. Anne Parish, are the "Church". Our foundation is built on stones of faith and we are held together and made strong through the love and mercy of the Risen Christ. We become "living stones" when we put our faith into action and openly live and proclaim the good news of Christ's Resurrection. Take time to reflect on how God is calling you to be alive in your faith at St. Anne Parish. A list of ministry opportunities is available by clicking on the Stewardship tab above. Click on Time and Talent Opportunities to fill out the Time and Talent form. The following parish ministries have current needs:  Cantors, Lectors, Ushers, Altar Servers, Church Cleaners, Vacation Bible School Leaders and Helpers, and Christmas Dinner Hostess and Servers.


Faith Facts

The Holy Trinity
Perhaps the deepest, the most profound of all mysteries is the mystery of the Trinity. The Church teaches us that although there is only one God, yet, somehow, there are three Persons in God. The Father is God, the Son is God, the Holy Spirit is God, yet we do not speak of three Gods, but only one God. They have the same nature, substance, and being. We came to know this immense mystery because Christ revealed it to us. Just before ascending He told them: "Go teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" (Matthew 28:19). We know that these Three are not just different ways of looking at one person. For at the Last Supper, Jesus told us: "I came forther from the Father." So He is different from the Father. But He also promised: "If I go, I will send Him [the Paraclete] to you. . .He will guide you to all truth" (John 16:28, 7, 13). So the Holy Spirit is also different. Even though the Three Persons are One God, yet they are distinct: for the Father has no origin, He came from no one. But the Son is begotten, He comes from the Father alone. The Holy Spirit comes or proceeds from both the Father and the Son. These different relations of origin tell us there are three distinct Persons, who have one and the same divine nature. Even though everything the Three Persons do outside the Divine nature is done by all Three, yet it is suitable that we attribute some works specially to one or the other Person. So we speak of the Father especially as the power of creation, of the Son as the Wisdom of the Father, of the Holy Spirit as goodness and sanctification. The two doctrines of the Trinity and the Incarnation are the foundation of Christian life and worship. By becoming man, God the Son offered us a share in the inner life of the Trinity. By grace, we are brought into the perfect communion of life and love which is God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This sharing in the life of the Trinity is meant to culminate in heaven, where we will see the three Persons face to face, united to them in unspeakable love. To read the key points of the Doctrine of the Most Holy Trinity, click here.

Upcoming Events

May 23 - A Journey to Him - 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Library

May 27 - The Most Holy Trinity

June 3 - Parish Monthly Adoration immediately following 8:00 a.m.
               Mass until 10:00 a.m.

June 3 - The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ - Corpus Christi

June 10 - 3rd Annual Parish Picnic at Lancaster County Park

June 16 - Parish Clean-Up Day

July 1 - Parish Monthly Adoration immediately following 8:00 a.m.
              Mass until 10:00 a.m.

July 17-19 - Vacation Bible School

July 26 - Feast of St. Anne, Parish Patroness

July 29-31 - Parish Forty Hours Devotions 






















Faith Facts

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Mass Times


Saturday - 4:30 pm
Sunday - 8:00 and 10:30 am;
              1:00 pm Mass in Vietnamese


Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday - 7:00 am
Wednesday - 7:00 pm
Monday and Friday - 7:00 pm Mass in Vietnamese

Holy Days:

Holy Day Vigil - 5:30 pm
Holy Day - 9:00 am and 7:00 pm

Recitation of the Rosary

Saturday - 4:00 pm
Sunday - 7:15 am
Wednesday - 6:15 pm


Saturday 3:00-4:00 pm or by appointment.




From Rt. 283 and Rt. 30

Take the Rt. 501S Exit (Lititz Pike) or Rt. 272S (Oregon Pike) and follow signs for Downtown Lancaster. Proceed on Route 501S/272S over the bridge. Once across the bridge, you will approach a traffic light. Stay in the left lane and continue straight on to North Duke St.

Immediately after the traffic light, you will find the entrance to the St. Anne Church parking lot on the left-hand side of Duke St. Look for brick pillars marking the entrance to the lot.

There are two doors off the lot for entering the church. One door is accessed by a ramp from the parking lot.  It is wheelchair accessible; and, there are two designated handicapped parking spaces located adjacent to the ramp entrance.

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